Wednesday, November 30, 2016


"The Friends of Eddie Coyle is the most powerful
and frightening crime novel that I have read this
year. It will be remembered long after the year is
over, as marking the debut of a fine original talent."

R O S S     M A C D O N A L D

My copy of this great yarn with its kick in the head dialogue throughout is this cheap-o book club edition long after my original
copy was lent out and never returned and then my dog-eared paperback that was obviously enjoyed by many readers or one dog of a reader before me, and if the book isn't enough to satisfy your lust, do go to the film version starring a terrific and rumpled cast including Robert Mitchum as Eddie Coyle. Who else could have been "Eddie fingers?!" No one, not even close.
The director of the film, Peter Yates, British-born with a keen eye and ear to bloody America, made Bullitt in 1968 with this equal masterpiece in 1973.