Thursday, January 30, 2014


Frank Arce is lucky to be alive after he was pulled into a wood chipper at his workplace in Longview, Wash. A tattoo across his chest reads, 'Send me an angel.'

I was never a big Warren Zevon fan, but when he had a song, it was all his. This was such a song and right now seems as good a time as any to let it roll.

I just read about a young man working in a Washington state wood products plant who survived a horrifying accident in a wood-chipper. 23 years old. He had climbed down inside the monster to dislodge some bark. He must have been very quiet in there because another worker came by and saw the machine turned off, so he turned it back on. Should one have not climbed down into the machine; or should another have first called out to see if the coast was clear?  Good question.


Shepard & Dark
( 2013 )

Directed by Treva Wurmfeld

that is — sam shepard & johnny dark

An intriguing film showcasing this long term friendship between two pals and love affairs, family, mutual times, and a companionship through an extensive paper correspondence.