Sunday, February 11, 2024



from  How To Wash A Heart

I was born feet-first beneath a Lebanon cedar

At 10:23 a.m.

On a November morning

So long ago

That many people who were alive that day,

Flinching from a sudden rain,

No longer walk upon this earth.

I am going to take you by surprise.

I am going to make you

So proud of me.

When you watch my plays, your heart

Will make a circuit with the dense shadow

In the upper part of the atmosphere.

The clouds

Will rain green frogs

The size of fingernails

And we will scoop them up

With our hands.

Sometimes I lie on the earth face down

To connect

With its copper plate.

You won't have to love me

For very long.


Bhanu Kapil

How To Wash A Heart

Liverpool University Press, 2023