Monday, May 21, 2018


You Reach For Lilacs

This was two years ago

And I still remember

A Thought Of You, Brings This

There is a way to look at the sunrise

Without walking to it

Again, you have taught me this

A box of wet cherries

A book closed

With your lap

And things become precious to me

A half mile meadow

Deeply mowed, a circle of crows

Settle down

The machinery is still

Each hand stays filled

Long Time Together

4 dollars I paid

For this dark scarf

Of large red roses

And love’s fortune

Is that I had you

There with me, out

On the sidewalk to

Fold it, and wear

Around your neck

How We Build

It is a day

Of sawing slab wood


Then stacking

And be done

Tucking away insulation

Fixing windows

Sharpening every tool

The happy moment

Is that there are still

Small grasshoppers

In the slip of the meadow

That it is 28 degrees

At 7 this morning

And I wash your hair

In one bucket of

Strong spring water —

There is nothing like it

I'm In Love With You
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