Monday, April 27, 2015


After a long nap,

the cat yawns, rises, and goes out

looking for love

Give me a homeland,

and a passionate woman,

and winter alone

Brilliant moon,

is it true that you too

must pass in a hurry

Thus spring begins: old

stupidities repeated,

new errs invented

I   S   S   A

In pale moonlight

the wisteria's scent

comes from far away

Light winter rain

like scampering rat's-feet

over my koto

In a bitter wind

a solitary monk bends

to words cut in stone

Moon in midsky, high

over the village hovels

and wandering on

B   U   S   O   N

But for a woodpecker

tapping at a post, no sound

at all in the house

I'm a wanderer

so let that be my name —

the first winter rain

Winter showers,

even the monkey searches

for a raincoat

The morning glories

bloom, securing the gate

in the old fence

B   A   S   H   O


the pocket haiku
translated by Sam Hamill
Shambhala 2014