Thursday, December 5, 2013


Here is a wonderful and long conversation Philip Rowalnd had with the poet Cid Corman. Between the two, the early years of Cid's travels in Europe are covered, as well as Cid's journey to Italy and the writing of his book of poems SunRockMan (New Directions). Background lighting is shed onto Cid's legendary small press journal Origin and the many poets involved with the journal come in & out of the conversation. We also get a feel for Cid's life in Kyoto with his wife Shizumi, Cid as translator, and the backdrop on the publication of his opus Of — which at this date  (Cid: 1924-2004) has reached three volumes, masterfully printed and bound in Japan. There are more volumes in the wings waiting to be published. This is classic poetry and publishing, at its best, living/dying/surviving.

drawing of cid corman by © bob arnold