Tuesday, October 17, 2023



C A R L A    B L E Y

1936 ~ 2023


The Penny Poet of Portsmouth is definitely a wonder, quite a find, and actually a book I often wondered was anyone capable of writing — centering around Robert Dunn, who I believe once upon a time sent me poems as submission. A highly curious book that works against all odds being a biography of an essentially street poet in back bay old Portsmouth, N.H., who the author signs onto, much to her own surprise (and ours), gaining an excellent book size portrait of a 'nobody’. This isn’t supposed to work in big-name-poet America, but it does, searching into that interior existence far from the maddening crowd. This is where I believe actual life lives, rather than the hubbub that drives existence, and so few have the opportunity to ever feel or see this revealed.  More interesting than Dunn is the book itself which seems a combined effort of the author’s eye and compassion, Dunn being available, and even the publisher (Counterpoint) taking on the project.

[ BA ]

  Counterpoint, 2017