Monday, April 6, 2015


long ago Gary Snyder

The Earth's Wild Places

Your eyes, your mouth and hands,

the public highways.

Hands, like truck stops,

semis rumbling in the corners.

Eyes like the bank clerk's window

foreign exchange.

I love all the parts of your body

friends hug your suburbs

farmlands are given a nod

but I know the path

to your wilderness.

It's not that I like it best,

but we're almost always

alone there,

and it's scary but also calm.


Gary Snyder

"This poem was lost for some years and then turned up again.
I don't remember any publishing history for it other than as a
fugitive broadside maybe in the seventies." GS

The Present Moment
Gary Snyder
Counterpoint 2015

psst — who in the world set "Gary Snyder" on the cover off-center?!