Monday, December 3, 2018

HEAVEN LAKE ( 10 ) ~

The Little Factory

Young women work for two older

women in the little chocolate factory

the young women work on tiny tables

behind the massive glass showcase of

chocolates wrapping chocolates and

smiling when someone comes through

the door, the two older women never

smile, they have hired the young women

for this, the young women will never last

at this job as the older women have done

they smile and wrap chocolate and dream

of fucking some of the customers who have

dreamt of fucking them, there is something

even more important than chocolate


                      to JK & MB

Two days before

They were to be wed

He said by phone they

Had been out that day

Near the ocean, the sun

Was glorious, the hills

Were green, the hills

Had horses on them


He’s got pizza parlors

Three of them

One is near a mountain we like to climb

But we bypass that one for the one where he works

Closer to where we live

Where he hires autistic kids to give them a leg-up

From a school he founded, all for these kids

And he doesn’t care if they are a little slow sometimes

And a little wired and a little crazed other times

They’re happy and so he’s happy

With his hunchback, stooped walk, little mustache and

Ever cheerful face

He just wants to make sure you like your pizza, and we do

Because years ago he was in the disco life

All sorts of shady businesses and partners

“We made a ton of money and spent twice as much”

He says with the biggest grin

Wearing an apron

Both his hands palms up and open

Like there was no choice

Like meeting the buddha


We don't know the kid we shoot baskets with in the park — 

he even chased our ball for us

never to be seen again

Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018