Friday, September 29, 2023



If Love Is For the Fishes

i breathe them in each night

a shallow breath of scaly skin

i breathe deep & think

of the shrimp's crooked smile

i breathe deeper & am thankful

for the lobster's claw

i know this is a type of love

and dream for their flesh to never know harm nor hurt

to never know run and hide

i know this is a type of love

because my cheeks grow warm

              my hands fling at the stars

              i dance a dance all my own

              there is music in my chest

i know this is a kind of love

because i think of my family

how they smile & i smile too

i always think of love & soft feather beds

the water is perfect for here & when i close

my eyes i only see a garden growing upwards

towards the sun that is really a smile

& the water washes away the dust

of my night screams

love is an open door

a boat swimming against a purple glory

& syrup spun sugar

& i breathed & breathe & breathe

love 'til we become


Mahogany L. Browne

Chrome Valley

Liveright 2023