Monday, April 10, 2017


This Is Yet Another Reason

why I love her —

she took the round lemon candy

put it into her mouth

broke it in two while

walking towards me

with no words but a

smile in her eyes

tongued one candy half

into my mouth and

stood her ground

How Lucky We Are Once Again

I haven’t been able to breathe right for eight weeks

After four months working on a mucky flooded river

The doctors are listening but the doctors don’t get it right

There’s always drugs, though this seems fungal and absorbing

When I bend down to pet our cat with its very pink nose

I can’t help but think how hard this would be for him

A Free Man

I haven’t voted in our town

very democratic town meeting

for years and years and years

stay home

let others do the job they like to do

I’m starting to forget what everyone looks like

Live & Learn

Squeaking floor boards

above your head —

that carpenter you were 30 years ago


Bob Arnold
Longhouse, 2013 

photo by Two Hands 2017