Saturday, April 2, 2022


Village Landscape

There is silence in the meadows

of former battlefields

the bank of the bug river arranges

shells and bones

at times a wasp's ricochet

shoots from the burdocks

someone was buried here

or somewhere else

and there is no hole in heaven

as there is on earth

.     .     .

I was unable to save

a single life

I couldn't sleep

a single bullet

so I circle cemeteries

that aren't there

I search for words

that aren't there

I run

to the aid uncalled for

to the rescue delayed

I want to get there on time

even if it's already over

Kazakhstan, USSR

they let us out of the wagons

right here

And nothing anywhere

not a river

to drown in

or a tree

to hang oneself


Jerzy Ficowski

Everything I Don't Know

Selected Poems

translated from the Polish by

Jennifer Grotz & Piotr Sommer

World Poetry Books, 2021