Monday, June 6, 2022



14 haiku

    for Emmett Louis Till

Your limbs buried

in northern  muscle carry 

their own heartbeat


alert with

conjugated pain

young Chicago

stutterer whistling

more than flesh

your pores

wild stars embracing

southern eyes

footprints blooming

in the night remember

your blood

in this southern

classroom  summer settles

into winter

i  hear your

pulse  swallowing

neglected light

your limbs

fly off the ground

little birds . ... .

we  taste the

blood ritual of

southern hands

blue midnite

breathe sailing on

smiling tongues

say no words

time is collapsing

in the woods

a mother's  eyes

remembering a cradle

pray out loud

walking in Mississippi

i hold the stars

between my teeth

your death

a blues, i could not

drink away.


Sonia Sanchez ~

Collected Poems

Beacon Press, 2021