Monday, September 24, 2018


Bob Arnold on the new hut job summer 2018 —
the stone hut ( 33 years old ) is right
over his shoulder 


Bob spent this past June and July clearing ground, setting sills into granite (bolted) and building this new Porch-Hut. One day it will get a name. Bob may write a small book about its construction. For now here are some photographs I took while Bob was at-work. Spruce framing with many native tamarack, hemlock and pine logs cut from trees on our land and peeled on site and set in. The floors are hand-stenciled by Bob and you can see the bookcases are ceiling to floor and permanent. 

All a continuation after a many months reading on the Birdhouse of Bob's book Stone Hut (Longhouse).

Tiny one room in the woods of books to come —
and there is another room above this one

Narrow stairway built of hemlock logs and thick pine slab

Bob hand stenciled all our house interior
but this new hut floor is a favorite

Roof purlins on!

Take five

Stone, Timber, Woods
& Star

By a pond

All photographs by Susan Arnold
June ~ July  2018