Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I lose you in the wind

I count you among the dead

a necessary rope

between wind and heart

I have nothing to do with this world

if not to burn

I love you in dying

Your absence of repose

a mad wind whistles in your head

you are sick to have laughed

you fled me for a better void

that tore your heart

Tear me up if you want to

my eyes find you in the night

burning with fever

I'm cold at heart I tremble

from the depths of suffering I call you

with an inhuman cry

as if I gave birth

You strangle me like death

I know this miserably

I find you only in agony

you are beautiful like death

All words strangle me

Star pieces the sky

cry like death


I don't want life

strangling me is a kindness

the star that rises

is cold like a dead woman

Excite me, eyes

I love the night

my heart is black

Push me into the night

everything is false

I suffer

The world feels death

birds fly eyes slashed open

you are somber as a black sky

The festival will begin

in filth and fear

The stars will fall

when death approaches.

You are the horror of the night

I love you like a death rattle

you are weak like death

I love you like delirium

you know that my head dies

you are the immensity the fear

You are beautiful like slaughter

enormous heart I suffocate

your stomach is naked as the night.

You bring me straight to the end

the agony has begun

I have nothing more to tell you

I speak from the grave

and the dead are silent.

Limpid from head to toe

fragile as the dawn

the wind has shattered the heart

For the duration of anguish

the black night is a church

wherein one slaughters a pig

Trembling from head to toe

fragile as death

agony my great sister

You are colder than the earth.


Georges Bataille (1897 - 1962 )
The Poetry of Georges Bataille
translated and introduction by Stuart Kendall
SUNY Press / NY 2018