Tuesday, April 2, 2024


a selection 


O the purity

of the aloneness

of pulling off socks

Dark kitchen

but the lights of

a distant bridge

An old woman

breaking teeth

off a comb

Ignorant of their own souls

monkeys swinging

between temples

Possibly the

largest shell on the beach

and it looks like a shoe

Being sad

and pissing

at the same time

During lunch

stories about



dying flowers glow

the moon's best intentions

Dusting a mirror

she takes a moment

to check her eyebrows

Small bronze head with big nose

holding down

take-out menus

Garden diary

all that's left

of the garden

Such an elegant rainfall

even the dog refuses

to shake it off

Cold summer rain

piercing my shirt

slipping between ribs

A small grave of sorrows

on one branch

in one bird


Ronald Baatz

A Dream in the Cream

Black Fig Press, 2021