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KEITH ABBOTT (1944-2019) ~

1944 (Tacoma, WA) ~ 2019



Someone asked me the other day — "what's the sort of poem
do you like?"
All types!
But here's one I read the night before, before falling off to sleep, and I marked it:

The untitled poem is by Douglas Crase from his forthcoming book
The Revisionist and The Astropastorals
(Nightboat Books, 2019)


Under the rim of maybe

Back on the edge of regret

Around the corner from should have

Down the street from forget

Out on a limb with willing

Too far gone to remark

Close to the tip of almost

Up slip creek in the dark

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


1919 ~ 2019

Thank you, Frances, for the year (1971)
you helped me with my war resistance work
as a conscientious objector ~
we will all miss you



Tuesday, August 27, 2019



N O R M A N    S C H A E F E R

Records of a Broken-Down Mountaineer

Ah, this book is something special and superb.

If you know your Norman Clyde

and read John Muir —

this book is the

third corner of that

rocky trail triangle.

The Alcuin Press
Portland, Oregon 

Here's what I wrote to Norman ~

"I took a week, and took the book with me everywhere, to read Records of a Broken-Down Mountaineer. It is a superb book. Every page. By the middle of the book I was ready to marry you. I could also detect somewhat of an affinity with Clarence King in the first opening pages even before you bring King into your story, almost impossible not to, since you both lived in this range of light in similar ways. I can tell you it is heartening after living and working and reading and writing and publishing for fifty years and reading through all those decades that gave us The Whole Earth catalog and its many storied pages and recommendations of books to read to better our world — whether Snyder’s Earth Household, or Wendell Berry or John Muir, Thoreau, Mary Austin, Dorothy Day, Harlan Hubbard, an endless reading list, and some you took with you as companions on your climbs, it is your book that comes so close to being a proper success story of living and learning since those heady 1960s cultural crash courses. Your writing sweeps and tangles and literally carries the reader along. It may as well be Kamo no Chomei. And is it as good and resourceful as Basho’s travels? Yes, it is. You’ve made here the hallmark of an everyman. A beautiful book."

[ BA ]

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Thanks to Greg Joly, letterpress mastermind ~
A large old cabin renovation job in the back hills
of Jamaica, Vermont where I worked
and began many of these poems
on the ride to & fro w/ Susan

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