Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Rainy Day

Outside, nothing moves: only the rain

nailing the house up like a coffin.

Remember, in childhood, when it rained?

Then, the whole world sailed down the alley:

leaves, paper, old shoes, the buildings,

everything like a circus going to sea.

Now, the rain, the iron rain, with its little keys

is closing all the doors. . .

and I think we're all dead. See how the sky

sits like a tombstone on the roofs.

Evening on the Farm

Time for a jacket now,

and to put my hands away.

I must learn from the stars

how a field should look.

But one by one, bright children,

the stars rush downstairs

to meet my horses and hay

with their astonished eyes.



I love you

I've learned to be

this hammer that runs

all day like a horse

with its hoof in its head.

In the afternoon

my hands

lie down together

for a minute.

Twilight at the Shop

A whole day at the saw —

when they come for the rubbish,

I throw myself

out with the dust.

We smile and smoke and praise

what's left of the sun.

Dark trees have bottled its light.

They glow like many beers.


Bert Meyers
Sunlight on the Wall