Thursday, April 30, 2020


Now Always Snow

                              to N.B.

like snow the Lord is all there is

when all there is is snow

when the soul is all there is

the snows the soul and light

but still just this

that there are those

like death is all there is

to know that they are even here

darkness is also part of light

when the snows come again


as maybe all that is to come

but there is no way to know for sure

as corpses do and do not exist

oh there is the Papier-Mache-Country

no question what it means to exist

when The People is a verb

that means to not exist

and what does it mean to exist

what's the point of this being

even the Holy Face is just a Mold

that is as if there only is

the country that is Darkness-and-Holy-Face


but there is one thing that exists

when these are suddenly no more

— oh God again the snows! —

they are not just as this one thing is

only Numbness Country

they are such that they are and are not

and only by virtue of this exist

but there are things that only are

a whirlwind as if by a miracle is

in a moment Death-Country is no more

oh God again the snows

the soul the snows and light

oh God again the snows

but should it be that they are not

the snows my friend the snows

the soul and light and snow

oh God again the snows

and snow is all there is


Gennady Aygi
Into the Snow
translated by Sarah Valentine
Wave Books