Friday, December 1, 2023


R E A D     M E     I' M     A     C R I M I N A L 



Why Complain

Bad poetry gets you good posts.

Good poetry

Gets you to a mountain.

Hugging the mountain

You shiver

Daylong you hug it

For cold

With a dour face.

Some position, that.


Good for nothing, you think,

— It courts envy.

Daggers drawn soon point at your clenched teeth,

The good & the great are long dead.

You chew over their work.  Best dead.

For what it's worth.

& shall I not, now nearing the end of life,

Have some peace of mind —

A person of few words

Who has withstood his time?

The pack descended,


You are wanted.


In the Same Light

200 Poems for Our Century

translated by Wang May

The Song Cave, 2022