Monday, October 22, 2018


Go !

On the window —

raindrop chasing


What The Rain Brings

The reason I mention rain

And the junkyard up river is

That many times in the past 

When the spring rain came

And the river went high

It would flow like nobody’s

Business straight through the

Old barn on the junkyard

Property and think nothing

Of picking up and sailing away

Any scrap metal part or bumper

And refrigerator door and I

Could be a mile down river

And seeing nothing much

Until I saw all this flow past


To be specific

this is what the mother

of the young men who had the camp-

site on our land did —

she refused to assist us to move her family off our property

and back onto her own land, and she has plenty

she threw her garbage onto our land

when the law was called in to help us with the matter

she lied between her teeth

and when the law left and they set up

a no trespassing ordinance against her to

stay off our land, she went onto our land

in clear defiance and dared us to do something

about it

so we did —

we called the law back

they came

clamped her down with more headaches

what was learned?

she lies

Know What You Do

What does it all mean?

it means times have changed

and we’re supposed to change with it

take the quiet, the river, the old

road, animal lore, secret pathways

respect for stick, leaf and silence

and throw it all away

do as we please

barge where we barge

litter as we like

you don’t know what sort of 

agreement and law and universe

you are asking to destroy when

you do this

Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake
Longhouse 2018