Friday, October 20, 2023



Bright Sad Star

Bright sad star

fell down from the sky,

but she's going back there.

Brand new,

brand now


She was going back up there,

blazing, falling star.

The world is a heaving bucket full-to-the-brim-of dirt

with a sparse sprinkling of joy on top

— and that sprinkling is made of stardom.

They'll all be sorry.

He thought about ugliness and beauty

and how things slip through

your fingers like powder,

and wondered whether or not

he had any real sympathy for


who he knew, would in the future be tiny and

exposed and at the mercy of forces

that she could never control.

Beauty will save the world, he resolved — Idiot.

Her thoughts were in monochrome —

giving her the feeling and pressure of

an explicit migraine.

An austere psychological aesthetic.

It all droned on in her head


Bright sad star

fell down from the sky.


Richard Cabut

Disorderly Magic

Far West Press, 2023