Friday, April 18, 2014


It's Spring in northern New England after a very long winter.
Just like that, our snow in this valley is about gone in one flashy and warm with spring showers week. Don't say miracles don't happen.

What's to do but throw open any window I can after the sun gets up over Owl's Head range, 25 degrees the other morning but an April-25 degrees, warming by the moment. We're out there on saw-horses building all day standing in snow melt and mud and grass showing forth. The river our constant companion, loud and clear.

Just in case there is still one person who may have never heard this song,  it's well worth repeating it all here. Nina Simone is on right now where we work outdoors, live recording, the only way to go with this temptress. No one like her. Maybe in deepest Africa a girl is singing like this right now. Unless she has a Madonna t-shirt on; then she's been touched. Nina Simone is all drum. All river.