Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It's Raining

Shower shower shower shower shower shower 

rain oh rain oh rain oh!   oh rain oh rain oh rain!

waterdrops waterdrops waterdrops waterdrops

umbrella oh umbrella oh showered oh!

waterumbdrops waterdroppel

hoods capes and raincoats

the rain's so wet and the water soaks and soaks!

wet water wet water wet water wet water

and how nice nice nice it is isn't it

to have your feet soaked and your hair all wet

wet from the shower and the rain and the drops

of rainwater and of shower and with no dropbrella

to protect your feet and your wet hair

that won't curl up again won't curl up again

because of the shower because of the rain

because of the shower and the drops of rain

the water drops of rain and the shower drops

unruly hair umbrellaless hair


Raymond Queneau
E Y E S E A S (Les Ziaux)
translated from the French by
Daniela Hurezanu & Stephen Kessler
Black Widow Press 2008