Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A long time ago, way back, there were beings

Who formed a circle to keep the wolves

At bay and stay warm; they were bound to vanish

They were a lot like us.

We're here, our last words are fading,

The sea has gone

For one last time lovers are embracing,

The land is naked.

Above our bodies sound waves rise

And fall and move

Around the world,

Our hearts are nearly cold

Death must surely come, deep and gentle;

Soon, human beings will run off from this world.

The dominion of machines will then be complete

And pure information will triumph and fill

The empty carcass of the absent divine;

And this noise will rule until the end of time.

The Long Road To Clifden 

West of Clifden, headland, 

Where the sky changes to water

Where water changes to memory

At the edge of a new world

Along the hills of Clifden

The green hills of Clifden,

I shall lay down my pain.

For us to live with death

Death must change to light

Light change to water

And water change to memory.

To the west, all of humanity

Gathers on the road to Clifden

On the long road to Clifden

Humans lay down their pain

Between the waves and the light.



The Art of Struggle
translated by Delphine Grass & Timothy Mathews