Wednesday, March 1, 2017



And Trump said the time for “trivial 
fights is behind us.” He just didn’t say
which trivial fights he meant.

Protecting the rights of gay, lesbian 
and transgender people? 
Safeguarding voting rights? 
Investigating whether members of the
Trump team had colluded with the 
Russians to influence the 2016 
presidential election? Or maybe
finally getting him to release his tax 
returns, as every other modern
president has done?
A N D R E W     R O S E N T H A L 
March 1, 2017 (New York Times, excerpt)

                    Donald Trump, Master of Low Expectations


Hecatomb Sixteen

Monarchs in hatbands:

Defeat deep in one's captured eyes.

Insouciance in the other's sweet.

Sitting Bull sees back forever, 1881,
downriver, liberty bad arrested,
last rifle surrendered,
earthly beauty and symbol of a
Monarch butterfly pinched from the air,
tucked for emblem, for camera, in hatband.

Old Walt, celebrated signifier at large, 'bout
same date, photographer's fool-de-rol, props
one of cardboard on forefinger, points a-
way. We don't do defeat in this culture.
We may do a cardboard
Monarch for the camera . . .

Defeat defeats us. In Sitting Bull's memory
and mind he rides all day in one direction
at liberty in open country. Without

no pain.

Hecatomb nine

Shooting Crows Again:

Time was, we lived odd
seasons on the prairie. Then

we witnessed first basque flower break
sod, and the cranes' high gyre.

Now I'm a townie, aint seen
a crocus in years, no more than hear

the cranes' weird croak way up.
Wind burns the snow and the snow

decomposes, the land so dry no melt
runs off. Shallow sloughs for waterfowl.

The crows are a good sight, back. I could
stand to be a crow, to make their play

in flight, to gang up in raucous confab, but for
the diet . . .

Cousin magpie succumbs to the new
virus in the land. Rancher

says he don't miss 'em. "Bastards
peck fresh cattle brands." I

miss them. I turn fifty-five
this spring, storm stayed. No

excuses, lots less of the map to follow
than retrace, fiddle-footed as ever,

a man of no rank come to a place without merit.


Guy Birchard
Pressed Wafer | Brooklyn