Saturday, September 19, 2015



What to say to

A Mexican gal

Working high off

In the mountains

With a quick greeting

For us to step out

Back and see what

They do — dyeing

Wool over a cast

Iron pinyon fire —

The dyes stir with

Wool skeins in two

Deep tubs boiling

Out of control as

Bare armed she works

Ingenious pulleys to

Lift out and bleed

Magnificent colors,

Nothing like we see

Anywhere else in old

Town until we look up

To the sky, and another

Worker drapes the dipped

Wool over makeshift

Drying racks, neither

Women bothering much

To wear their masks

For the wicked vapors,

Since out of nowhere

In the smolder of heat

Poisons and probable

Embarrassment she says

They are both

Going to win the

Lottery — fast white

Grins — “Yep, going

To win big-time

A million bucks”


 © Bob Arnold