Tuesday, October 28, 2014




God is a symptom -

like philosophy.
We're sick to death of

each other and our

selves - contaminate
everything we

can get our minds on.


Cid Corman

All last winter and into this winter approaching we have been working on editing, typing and designing the new issue from Longhouse of Cid Corman's final two volumes of

Expect it to reside in one big book.

 It will be out for release in 2015.

 This is a massive undertaking since Cid left the manuscript in ten loose leaf notebooks, all typed, with revisions on the original transcript to be deciphered
 (decades of receiving letters from him, no problem).

We're gaining and we thought we'd offer a peek with the poem above.

The poem is from Book 5, part III, under the heading "Transmutings."

 Considering the world at present, one can see Cid was twenty to thirty years ahead of himself.

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"Cid" drawing © bob arnold


Quiet Accomplishment
Remembering Cid Corman
by Gregory Dunne
Ekstasis Editions/Victoria, B.C.

In the meantime, here is Gregory Dunne's modest, well-built memoir of Cid Corman; concerning itself mainly with Cid's many decades in Japan, while threading throughout a fine juxtaposition of the poet and the poet's writings. Dunne also offers his sharp eye to the full opus of — quite valuable — as well as his interview with Cid Corman first published in American Poetry Review.