Thursday, March 1, 2018


A roof is no guarantee
that you'll sleep

The unease of premises
pins together the curtains
at night

Waiting for a clearness
of purpose

Eating 3 meals a day
we go to bed hungry

Privacy is not a remedy

We've become separated
by "efficiencies"
Nobody can do anything with

A kind of machine person
Floundering in the dark

It's hard to believe
5 sparrows were sold for this

An Empty Account

The simplest relationships happen without
any expectation this is what I believe

The infatuation in a girl's cheeks

The eyes of a man when he looks on

My spouse, I am poor

I'm a paper situation

Year by year
year after year

There have been a string of bad years

I sit at a large table

Words don't unravel overnight

The kingdom of money
and the kingdom of memory

The necessity to bend one's head forward

Nothing but a blind prompting

A woman turned to Him, you know
His mouth a towel into which

His resigning

His panic stricken resignation

was withdrawn

This overwhelming lamentation

The things that are never confided

A child walking and running

He takes hold of my hand
fascinated by the squirrel

Something deeper than "use"

I could love home in a deep sense

Gone to Earth

Beyond innocence
the exhibition
of obedient faith
is precedent

Work on the limits

A limit of what can be thought
outlives ambivalence

You work yourself to death

To enlarge an abstract

Never so divine
a will

One step further
and the bed is no longer
under you

and no letter

I'm out of humor

This is for the you
In my memory

A picture
you would be the better of

You have hidden yourself well,
in attention

Little else to occupy your heart

Small change

The birds spreading their wings
to which I am joined

Pam Rehm
Gone to Earth
Flood Editions