Saturday, March 15, 2014


Yet one more biography and survey of the young man born old out of his beloved Concord, Massachusetts. The story hasn't grown old, only richer, as it has with Thoreau's neighbor to the west Emily Dickinson. The further we go, and the further we lose touch with the earth, these two earth angels sparkle. Michael Sims has taken the gnarly usual story of HDT and made for us a jaunty easy gait portrait. We go to Harvard with Thoreau, on travels, to the rivers, and of course get ourselves planted for two years at Walden Pond with the author. You'll be surprised just how little time Thoreau spent during his legendary 'life in the woods'. But what's time? 
The depth of the heart is another matter.

The Adventures of Henry Thoreau
Michael Sims
Bloomsbury, 2014