Wednesday, June 28, 2017


a new chapbook is now in hand by Ronald Baatz 
and typically for me with Ronald Baatz 
I can't help but begin to type up a handful of poems
 from an exquisite letterpress collection to share with you


Covered with road dust

peonies blind and beautiful

and remembering thunder

Returning alone from the dance

thinking about what

I'm going to tell the dog

I hire a fool to write my poems

but discover I can do the job

better myself

As a newborn I was brought home

from the hospital in a black car

followed by other black cars

In the morning

the hatless



you can tell that cricket is on its

last leg

This whole infuriating life

not overwhelming

old pajamas


they come like birds

I have no seeds for


Ronald Baatz
Bottle of Smoke Press
PO BOX 12589
Wallkill, NY 12589