Sunday, March 10, 2019




On a visit recently to the Hood Museum in Hanover, after some years of the museum having its refurbishing and face-lift and being closed to the town, it's a pleasure to have it back.  Opening just as the town has lost it's once sprawling and teeming main street bookstore. Susan and I still recognize the floor plan, the steep stairways, the flooring, even the old large rooms now dained with gallery titles (Ivan Albright being one — I saw my first Albright brutal homely and astonishing portraits over 45 years ago at The Hood) and despite the magnificent Rothko and Ruscha paintings (one each)
it was this Annette Woodward, placed in one corner, that really caught my eye. Bring that eye closer and look at the heavenly embroidery of silk thread, hand painted. The artist was twenty-three years old. I should have liked to have met her.

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