Monday, June 23, 2014


Chance Meeting

I choose to sit out the day

take a break from life

sit out

          in silence

by climbing the tallest

tree in my yard

and escaping


the greenest part of

the lush spring


. . .

I knew I'd find

quiet. I didn't realize

I'd find You here.


"Good to see this slim and quite satisfying book in hand as a gift
from you, many thanks. I've read through the book a few times now and
there remains a bounce to these poems. Poems that have a high degree
of self consciousness and devil may  care to balance it all out with some
sort of gentle enough ease. Nancy may not even know what she is doing,
which is often the best method with poetry. Let the song take over.
The book design and size and feel of the stock all go together nicely.
Your publications also have a consistency of simply appearing.
Which strengthens existence."

— Bob Arnold 
                                                      to Scott Watson, publisher

Bookgirl Press
3-13-16 Tsurugaya-higashi
Miyagino-ku, Sendai
Japan 983-0826

distributed in the USA by Mountains & Rivers Press