Monday, November 19, 2018


Watch How It’s Done

Today in a town

back parking lot

where we like

to park I leaned

against the truck

and watched for

a long time a gray

squirrel move a

large enough

brown paper bag

with its mouth

up a tree and out

onto the thinnest

limb where he

waited for the limb

to bow and place

him neatly onto the

three-story roof

and then scramble

across the ridge line

and up an eight foot

chimney and down

into the chimney where

of course he was

building his home

No one said he couldn’t 

I love builders


You know a rat

When you hear a

Rat in the ceiling

Modern Credo

You have to

Be careful and

Not be too nice

You don’t want

To be looked upon


Stop Light

With only a few passengers

the bus driver figures

it’s as good a time as any

to comb his hair

Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018