Monday, November 26, 2018


Amen, Brother

He wasn’t happy

about any part of his

job and I’d wager

even his life knee-

deep in snow

cranking away

on two gas

tanks when

he said with

scorn, “Happiness

isn’t everything

it’s cracked up

to be” — amen

brother, but if I

took away your

wrench and

doubled the

snow depth

up to your neck

I promise you

you’ll miss

this little bit

of happiness

you have


The girls around the perfume display

giggle & talk like idiots —

what freedom!


He was visiting a

relative at the nursing

home where off to the side

he went to find a drinking

fountain when a little old

woman in a wheelchair

appeared next to him and

said matter-of-factly

“get. me. out. of. here.”

they didn't even know

one another

in those circumstances

they didn't have to

as quickly asked

and an eye-blink of

recognition between them

she was whisked away by someone

leaving him to

grow old and wise

    for Kim

Redwing (Steel Toe)

When I bought his boots

At the garage sale

He handed them over 

Looking me in the eyes

Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018