Wednesday, January 6, 2021



 Niedecker / EDWARD DORN

The strict eye

of  sparrowhawk evenly

in her survey of reality

The firm bone of the woman

at the well

The line of a simply exquisite rope


Epitaphs for Lorine

Jargon 74

Thirty-two poets celebrate

Lorine Niedecker (1903-1970)

The Jargon Society, 1973

I took this book out of the new, tall and very narrow

built-in bookcase I built in our bedroom and saw it was

ideal for the tiniest books in my library, and this little gem

I often return to from Jargon fit the bill. I built the bookcase

a week before Christmas 2020 the same time I was finishing

an equally tall and narrow jewelry cabinet for Sweeheart. Both

situated left and right of the doorjamb of our bedroom. As a 

builder, I like that little forgotten space where the likes of jewelry, 

tiny books (and I have many) and even CDs where long ago I built

two cabinets for all my Blues CDs left and right of the doorjamb

in the living room. It's wasted space until you discover it. The above

Dorn poem knows all about space — sparrowhawk, woman, rope.

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[ Ian Hamilton Finlay ]