Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Yellow & Blue

                                    a selection

on a morning early
when no one
is around
the scree slope
tumbles into
the green lichen

an insult
hurled in the face
a pebble-dash
of raindrops

the rain-drenched
taste of earth
and cloud

rain is falling
there and here
on an earth
or ground
repeatedly affirmed
as if it were

lie back in the heather
the winds are silk
cloths drawn lightly
over the slopes
the cheek bones

consonants with varied
points of articulation
palatalized and rounded
sibilants affricates
clicks clacks diphthongs
a burn or babble
of open vowels

older than looking
this listening older than listening
this lonesome

it takes a lot
of noise to clear
old sunlight
from pine woods

light that might
spread indefinitely
never to be known
is trapped in leaves
and pulled down
through the tree canopy
around everybody

nothing hides
in the abandoned places
no household gods
no folded spaces
flint left in the wall
long idle

a jug of water
a chink of light
a twist of smoke

wash it in the burn
dry it on a thorn
sew it with a needle
with pure white thread
putting the iron on it
press it and warm it
place it crisp and folded
in the right hands

neighbors on the doorstep
nomads at a border


Carcanet 2014