Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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Donald Hall's comment is extracted from a review he wrote of Bob Arnold's poems for The Harvard Review

Forty years of Bob Arnold's love poems

are now under one roof with his new book:

~ I'm In Love With You Who Is In Love With Me ~

It is volume 2 in the trilogy of books titled Woodlanders

which will be completed with the third book in 2013


There is the absolute way

Of doing it, and we have done it

Many times and again —

How I will come to you

How you will meet me

The early morning sun

Perfect on the bed, and

Stripes in the Mexican blanket

Like blood, the sea, yellow iris petals —

And it is a silly lovers ritual of ours,

I hug you and you hug me and step onto

My boots, and I walk you and me around the

Sunlit room, the sway of patchouli in your hair,

And your face smooth against my lips

Like the inside of your hands


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the first edition is limited to 200 copies

150 pages, perfect bound, softcover

ISBN 978-1-929048-11-3


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I cut a massive maple tree down

Long long ago

I sculptured the tree stump into a chair

I sat up there

I also sat up there with my baby son

I sat up there with my love

I later saw my love sitting up there alone in the sun

She had a checkered red and black wool shirt

Thrown with the blondest hair

Then a chipmunk sat there for longer than you would think

And today I tore the carbonized tissue stump apart with my hands

All of it, very easily

And my son visited us with his wife for part of the afternoon

And in a week she was gone.

photo © bob arnold