Sunday, October 1, 2017


Camera Obscura

A tiny catchlight of saliva
shows as she opens her mouth.

In the moment of recognition

details of the glitzy room
slip from focus: she stares

out of the shadow of her hat —
a wide-brimmed, red, feathery affair —

aware of what is rehearsed
in the encounter, undaunted,

prepared for that alone.

Winter Nights        
                   For Sangmi

Too bad the waste
of these winter nights

can't be saved up, placed
inside the folds

of a counterpane —
a half-remembered thing,

kept in the linen closet —
cut perfectly to fit

by the knife of spring.


A species of
assembles its
colored wings.

Something something
in the lanced air.

The unforeseen branch
syntax flutter
of what wasn't
and then is.

They use it
like a meaning:
it means
they are alive.

Necessary Sorrows

Lorenzo died today. Or yesterday.
The obit was forwarded to me. Out
of the water small waves tent into
peaks of undulant light. All
you can see in Algeria is the green
immediacy, the mule and the wagon,
the war. Affection is a wandering
soul. A girl ends up being tall and
intelligent, with memories. If you
talk to yourself, don't forget her.


Pressed Wafer, 2017