Monday, December 16, 2013


Lloyd Kahn is the champion, kingpin, man-to-go-to, gold mine, provider, gleaner, old hand, and hands down knowledgeable one on all things hand built — and from the earth (meaning wood & stone) all the better. He has been working the grapevine for decades, sought out the woodbutchers and the back-to-the-landers and the survivors, of which he is one. The subject stays on the table and he has published many books now since the 60s on this oldest of crafts: making a home. Affordable and adorable.

Of all the structures and buildings and moving carts and trucks and hearths and abodes in this treasury of a book, and there are dozens upon dozens to fall in love with, for today "Judith Mountain Cabin" is my favorite. I do have a thing about well timed stone, rural, and the subtle architecture on this structure makes it a gem. I'd take most of the riff-raff off the roof since I don't like anything on a metal roof — let the weather slide — and if I went to all the heft to get this dynamo and well-squared stone footing into place, I'm taking a stone chimney, or even a fireplace, all the way up to the roof line.

A marvel of a book. If Lloyd lives to the ripe old age of 200, there should be 50 more of these wonders published.

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