Friday, January 5, 2018


The author has passed away
and left these beauties for us —
since I was a young reader
I preferred the design
and size of these


a little quip I wrote to daily friend and correspondent JD Whitney, also a Harrison reader ~

"Harrison’s book only becomes more engrossing since he is incapable of not sharing with us the fullness of life, and that includes his life. In this book that life is just how much he can eat, and live to tell us. And drink. And then sustain, and then get back at the frying pan again. He shares some beautiful ingredients of his life and travel as a writer, public audiences, interviews, and just what toll it takes on him. He isn’t complaining, he’s describing, and we know it’s a substantial and important difference. In some ways you feel you should be weeping for the man by the end of the book. In some ways, because he is so comfortable around food, wild and urbane, this may be his most revealing book mushing around in the stew. He is more a generation before his own — very literary in the best way, and a man’s man. Although in strict control as a writer, he appears almost out of control as a man."

Grove Press