Sunday, January 1, 2012


Patsy Cline

Sweet Dreams (Of You) by Patsy Cline on Grooveshark

unbelievably, she was gone by age 30. a private plane crash, and this after surviving two auto wrecks, one nearly fatal. the harsh climate of life on the road. like sam cooke, she'll be forever known for her brilliant vocals and interpretations beyond measure.


Joe Brown

I'll See You In My Dreams by Joe Brown on Grooveshark

first heard this gem on the concert film for george harrison; later went to a store to hunt up some of his records the same time a legendary brooklyn cowboy was doing the same ~ the two of us, the lone proprietor, and a cowboy hat, were the only things moving in the place


Maria de Barros

Nha Primero Lar by Maria de Barros on Grooveshark

born in dakar, senegal, and raised in nouakchott and rhode island, this singer is somehow cape verdean to the bone, the land of her parents.


Franco ( Luambo Makiadi )

Likambo Ya Ngana by Franco on Grooveshark

the sorcerer of the guitar, as he was known to millions, is a major figure in 20th c. congolese music; though he only toured the usa once near the end of his life. when he died (1938-1989) in a belgian clinic, his body was returned to his native zaire where the government declared four days of national mouring, and state radio played only franco's songs.


Shirley Collins & Davy Graham

Love Is Pleasin' by Shirley Collins & Davy Graham on Grooveshark

a duo like never again


Steve Young

Little Bird by Steve Young on Grooveshark

only a little bird who's been everywhere, sung with many, received little notice and yet kept on singing, could have written this song


Lester Young

Jump, Lester, Jump by Lester Young on Grooveshark

the unparalleled bridge builder of the tenor sax ~ gone to hard living by age 49
go thru the night


Johnny Hodges

I Got It Bad (and That Ain´t Good) by Johnny Hodges on Grooveshark

in the big band era, with duke ellington, or solo, johnny hodges was one of the bridge builders on the alto saxophone

for dobree


Randolph Scott

Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott by The Statler Brothers on Grooveshark

remember when you had good manners?
if you still have them, good for you!


William Burroughs

Burroughs Called the Law by William S. Burroughs on Grooveshark

the master groveler putting the screws on a snitch


Otis Rush

Ain't That Good News by Otis Rush on Grooveshark

one of chicago's backbone bluesmakers ~ with sterling guitar & voice at once


Buddy Guy

D.J. Play My Blues by Buddy Guy on Grooveshark

when clocked in, few touch buddy guy's many-storied blues


Dick Dale at Surfer's Stomp, Palladium Hollywood

Ghost Riders In The Sky by Dick Dale on Grooveshark

photo :

dream concert: hendrix & dale playing a carousel turning concert stage
back to back!


Jimi Hendrix

Third Stone From the Sun by Jimi Hendrix on Grooveshark

hendrix and manager chas chandler were sci-fi buffs ~
nice that someone kept the open mic playing

the greatest rock guitarist, ever, shows his sweeping marvelous


Hildegard von Bingen "Work Gottes"

Hildegard: O Viriditas Digiti Dei by Sequentia on Grooveshark

"Hildegard of Bingen was a preacher at a time when canon law forbade women to preach, a named composer when most music was anonymous, a visionary, a theologian, a writer, an artist, a hagiographer, a prolific letter-writer and an early scientist, botanist, herbalist, physician and healer - she even invented her own coded language. This German Benedictine anchorite who lived in the twelfth century was in the fullest sense a polymath. Yet she was an enclosed nun, until mid-life her only contact with the outside world being through a single window."

cultivating the cosmic tree

The Cosmic Egg

"woman may be made from man, but no man can be made without a woman". HVB


The Pogues

If I Should Fall From Grace With God by The Pogues on Grooveshark

If yr going to celebrate ~ you invite The Pogues


Barbara Dane, Newport Folk Festival, 1965

Nine Hundred Miles by Barbara Dane on Grooveshark

photo :

born in 1927, barbara dane, since high school, has sung at demonstrations for racial equality and economic justice around the world. there is no one quite like her in the blues & folk tradition.


Jack Kerouac reads with Steve Allen on piano
November 1959

Goofing At The Table by Jack Kerouac on Grooveshark

At Steve Allen's expense he (Kerouac) traveled in luxury via passenger train from the East Coast and stayed in California for ten days. With Steve Allen accompanying him on the piano, Jack read a beautiful passage from Visions of Cody. Since the producers wanted him to read from On the Road, he taped the sheet from Cody into the back of the Road book, and no one ever knew the difference.

~ Bill Morgan from Beat Atlas (City Lights)


Zip A Dee Doo Dah by Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans on Grooveshark

This song suddenly popped into my head today and put a skip into my step while outdoors doing chores. "The Blue Jeans" backup singers were famed Darlene Love and Fanita James, also of The Blossoms, and all strung through the mighty Phil Spector wall of sound.


Annie Ross

Please Don\'t Talk About Me When I\'m Gone (from Nocturne For Vocalists EP) by Annie Ross on Grooveshark

there's no one in the jazz world like annie ross ~ an English jazz singer, chanteuse and actress, best known as a member of the trio
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross ~ she became a US citizen in 2001


Jessi Colter

The Canyon by Jessi Colter on Grooveshark

once married to duane eddy, and long time singing companion & wife of Waylon Jennings and mother of musician Shooter Jennings, Jessi Colter has an everlasting singer's soul to true country music. Maybe her most recent album out of the ashes is her finest work ever.


Allison Moore & Steve Earle

Send Down an Angel by Allison Moorer on Grooveshark

Moorer gave birth to the couples (with Steve Earle) first child, John Henry Earle, on April 5, 2010.

AH ~


Bida Mariadu by Lura on Grooveshark

there are never enough cape verdean singers! ~ M'bem di fora (2006) is Lura's 4th album