Monday, November 12, 2018


Service Worker

He comes


after a long

day at work

and she says

you smell

like gas

like oil

like I don't

know what

he says, I work

with gas


and some-

times I'm

not even sure

what, but

there it is

and it's

on me

when I go

to people's

homes and

they are

nervous and

waiting for me

they say

can't you

smell it

the gas?

I say no I

smell your cat

what you're

cooking, what's

been lost on

your rugs, so

when you smell

gas when you

smell oil you

smell me


funny how those

that don’t know

are the loudest

to tell you what

they do know

which is what

they don’t know

We All Lost Money

It all started when our son’s drunk pal rolled our car

We all lost money

The drunk lost his license for almost two years

Couldn’t leave the state neither

Sweetheart said, “At least it’s a beautiful state”

“Maybe at your age”, young drunk quipped back

Too stupid to realize how at his age Sweetheart

Cut timber, snowshoed to the road, slept by lamplight

And lived with me doing all of this while

Listening now to one more dwarf selfish thought

Afterwards, all our vehicles bottomed out

Machines went jerky

All we did was travel to & fro seeking repairs

We heard the geese fly over once while crossing a parking lot

We waited to pay in a dollar store for

Two pairs of warm socks, some tights and

A Mickey and Minnie Mouse nite-lite

For supper Sweetheart cut up an apple into white slices

Sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar

It was something I waited for


Seaside —

boat in the yard

bigger than the house

Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018