Saturday, April 22, 2017


J A M E S      K O L L E R


I've had this tape sitting here for over a month now waiting for a spring day
of a sort to bloom so I could set it forth on the Birdhouse just the way Jim Koller often
took off for the west (from Maine) during the Spring. He had much family out
that way. Friends. Totems.

This tape, shared from Jim's youngest son Bert, who made the
recording of Jim, maybe around the time Jim was in his early 70s
is my guess — and you will hear the old midwest of his tone
and language (born outside Chicago) and a little whiskey and whiskers.
These are some of Jim Koller's finest road poems, and after Kerouac
few saw the open road as open and skyline as Koller.

Take a listen.

[ BA ]


the 1968 The Last Whole Earth Catalog
described this image as
"The famous Apollo 8 picture of
EarthRise over the moon."