Monday, August 22, 2016


Sand Dollar

We’ve waited all year

And traveled all morning

Just to arrive like this —

In the very same place

We were a year ago today.

And you are just as beautiful,

Your long skirt blowing in sand,

And we walk for miles along

The edge of the leaving tide

Picking up seashells and stone

That we’ll select more carefully

The longer we are here —

Which is no place with a name,

Except someplace in our heart.

Where that day, unlike any other,

You found excitedly a sand dollar

Washed in during the night,

Left in a tidal pool, and

Kneeling while taking it up,

Placed it home in my hand.


Standing mid river

Sunlight already

In the waves, long

Before any sound or

Movement beyond her

Own or my own —

Out of my clothes into

The water, looking up

I see her then, eyes

Meeting in the current

No sound I say, even as

She lifts her muzzle and

Rears her spotted hide

The stare lasts for years


Lovelier —

When the

Bandana from

My pocket is

Worn around

Her neck


Bob Arnold