Saturday, April 4, 2020



Barbara Moraff with Allen Ginsberg

Let It Be

Logic includes no promiscuity.

Deadly Nightshade is all


Promiscuity, you ask, what


is it, how does it

function within us

or without us.

I tell you it is ignorance.

It ignores with pig passion

eats up everything in its

path. Look into its opaque

orange eyes & you see no

reflection of the real world.

Only density where existence

is an invulnerable thickness,

helplessly poisonous

like a belief system which is

strictly linear

in spite of its branching

                                        like lungs

through space.

Deadly Nightshade is my name

for the woman who stole my husband,

who screams at my children, who calls

my son 'freak' because he can eat no

fat, who never cleans up the glass

after she's slammed the door, who dresses

in thick pelts of richly endowed lambs

and buys her own children

their scanty garb at yard sales

and auctions held to settle


of those who

lived and died in poverty.

Another name for her is Scumcunt.


Barbara Moraff
Deadly Nightshade
Coffee House Press