Monday, January 12, 2015


Tom and Laurie Clark at Woodwick House
photo : © Alistair Peebles

you will have to go

all around it

to see it

have to stay

with it

to know it

a breeze

of small birds

moving through

birch leaves

a stone from shade

carried for a mile

cool in the hand

a breath is enough

to fan the ripples

of water that run

deliciously in

around dwarf juniper

slopes of sunlight

slopes of snow

sit together

above the scree


of incident

what you feel

you can contain

what you see

you will become

one song of water

picking up

from another

the slopes


spilling water

as you climb

it pours

around you

rushing, dashing

leaping to find

its level

whatever is lifted

by the wind is dropped

again into a calm

slightly ahead of itself

if you stretch out

in the long grasses

your weight is distributed

over the headland

to rest as lightly

on the crushed grasses

as sky on sea

once again

for the first time



T H O M A S   A.   C L A R K


selected from
The Hundred Thousand Places
Carcanet  2009

Thomas A. Clark lives in the small fishing village of Pittenweem
on the east coast of Scotland.