Monday, December 11, 2017


Love And Landscape

Don’t ask us how we crossed the saltwater marsh

Grasses were high and easy under foot

The last stream was spanned by a driftwood plank

Thrown carefully into the muck

I didn’t sink and you didn’t sink

And when we came to ocean

Skittering of sandpipers

You held your dress and walked into the spray

It must have been also the sudden daylight that I loved


Between Ives and Messiaen you move and I move with you. In one more stupid mall with cheap price CDs and three hundred Sunday shoppers all with the same behavioral instincts, what’s to look at? The ceiling is more curious, all suspended with some panels complete, some open straight up to the no man’s land of steel trusses and cheapness. I know when it rains it rains in the book section, and wouldn’t you know? A leak in the roof still to be found. Before we leave with our fix of CDs Carson wants to take me back into the book section to show me where he sits each time we come right in front of a rack of comic books and he often brings real books to this chair. Now I know where to find him. I remind him this is the best way to use this place — read for hours on a rainy day respectful of the merchandise but don’t buy a thing. How I move with you is standing still, not even thinking of much; will it be a CD Ives or Messiaen juggling prices, and in green cotton dress between racks you hesitate in its alphabetical organization, tight waist and hips curve, a freshly and very fuckable look between us.


During the big snowstorm

that lasted almost a full week

three feet of snow and plenty of

kerosene lamps used

two horses broke loose from

somewhere, though we have a

good idea where, but first Sweet-

heart had to be surprised by the

two at the door as she turned

and how she couldn’t help but

see how one was bleeding at the

eye and the other seemingly wasted

so she took them back through the

deep snow to the road where all

things, even those you can’t afford

to love, come and go

The Reflex

One must understand

I hug my love every day

as the world gets worse

and worse and worse

I hug her many times

in a day

I smell her hair, feel

her waist, and even

look out a window

but I hug her


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