Thursday, June 23, 2022



from  Songs for Schizoid Siblings

the bird has flown

i'm all alone.

via the edge

comes all knowledge.

were i sure i'd live twice

i'd stop taking your advice.

take it away,

tae it away,

what isn't tomorrow

is yesterday.

buy a chair

           and mend a table,

catch a fact,

           and write a fable.

almost all lies

are pocket size.

kissing fish was a habit

enjoyed by a rabbit

whose fur was a kind of fin.

he would look at the water

convinced that his daughter

was either without or within.

i think i often look for things

that disinfect what in me sings.

were i not a fool

would i be in school?

gentle, gentle little lamb

even you'll become a ram.

the moon will ruin

the solar tune.

the sun will split

the moon's orbit.


will saturn crack,

and bounce

sweet venus off her track.

but pluto soon

and dry neptune

will enverate

the earthen state

and rectify

the martian eye

through which,

like pitch,

a quadrate light

will burst —

and make uranus shatter first.


is you and me.

a man who rides

the lunar tides

rarely decides

on other guides.


Lionel Ziprin

Songs for Schizoid Siblings

The Song Cave, 2017