Saturday, July 27, 2013


( J. J. CALE )

 Recently Neil Young stated that of all the musicians he had heard or played with, Jimi Hendrix and J.J. Cale were the two best electric guitar players. Born in Oklahoma City in 1938, John Weldon Cale died of a heart attack yesterday, July 26 in La Jolla, California. The "J.J." moniker was given to Cale by Elmer Valentine the co-owner of the Sunset Strip nightclub Whisky a Go Go. It would take Eric Clapton (who appears on this recording) to lift J.J. Cale out of the doldrums and the blues when he recorded Cale's "After Midnight" in 1970 which gave the laid back songwriter and artist a hit.
 Like good boys & girls we all bought his albums.

Call Me The Breeze by J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton on Grooveshark


Studio albums

    1972 Naturally
    1973 Really
    1974 Okie
    1976 Troubadour
    1979 5
    1981 Shades
    1982 Grasshopper
    1983 #8
    1990 Travel Log
    1992 Number 10
    1994 Closer to You
    1996 Guitar Man
    2004 To Tulsa and Back
    2009 Roll On

Live album

    2001 Live


    1966 A Trip Down The Sunset Strip (as part of the Leathercoated Minds)
    2006 The Road to Escondido (with Eric Clapton; won 2008 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album)
    2013 Old Sock - Eric Clapton - Cale plays guitar and sings on his song, 'Angel'.


    1984 Special Edition (a compilation of hits from previous albums)
    1997 Anyway the Wind Blows: The Anthology
    1998 The Very Best of J.J. Cale
    2000 Universal Masters Collection
    2003 After Midnight (German release)
    2006 The Definitive Collection
    2006 Collected (with bonus tracks) (Dutch release only)
    2007 Rewind: The Unreleased Recordings
    2011 The Silvertone Years
(a collection chronicling JJ Cale's music released by Silvertone Records 1989-1992)